Open from 10:30 AM to 10 PM. Accepting To-Go orders and Dine-In with limited available seating to ensure the safety of our staff and patrons.

About The Legendary Gulf Shores Beachfront Restaurant & Bar

If you can’t spot the Pink Pony Pub when you hit the main drag in Gulf Shores, you’re likely not legal to drive! Our not-so-large beachfront restaurant and bar boast an oh-so-defiantly pink exterior with a belly-up-to-the-bar pony painted outside. Think pink of fresh bubble gum or 90 percent of Barbie’s wardrobe. We’re hard to miss!

We think of pink as a declaration that’s more than just our name. When you walk through our doors, you’re in the pink pulsing heart – the old school area – of Gulf Shores. Our legendary restaurant and bar just off the main drag has survived many changes and disasters over the years:

  • Hurricanes Frederic and Ivan
  • The rise of condo mania
  • Shifting sands w/ vacationers
  • Spring breakers hitting the beach

Our historic pink building isn’t likely to wash or fade away soon. It's not a big place, and it's not what you call fancy, but it serves the kind of seafood and burgers you wouldn’t expect at a beach bar. Then you can wash it down with a tasty, frosty beverage.

History of Gulf Shores’ Pink Pony Pub

Our unique restaurant and bar were originally part of the Calloway family’s Seahorse Cottages in the 1950s. Bruce Mernik's parents, a carpenter by trade, purchased the Seahorse Cottages. When Bruce set to remodel this distinct building into the Pink Pony Pub, we welcomed the change and opened our doors in 1956. Marybelle Mernik, Bruce’s mother, gave us our name in keeping with the Seahorse brand.

At that time, Gulf Shores was still a small city with few modest homes and fish shacks. We stayed at a neighborhood bar for over a decade, inviting locals and visitors to enjoy our fresh-from-the-ocean menu and drinks. Despite an ordinance by Gulf Shores making it illegal “for any hurricane to enter in the corporate limits of the Town of Gulf Shores, its police jurisdiction, or the air/space above it,” 1957’s Hurricane Frederic slammed the Gulf Coast, washing away the original Pink Pony and the old wooden pier. Spokespersons for Hurricanes Frederic, Ivan, Dennis, and others have offered simple responses to the hurricanes' ordinance violation: “No comment.” The $1 to $100 or six months hard labor penalties have yet to be paid.

Visit Gulf Shores Best Seafood Restaurant & Bar today. 

While the Pink Pony Pub isn’t much more extensive than when it began, we still serve Gulf Shores’ best food and nightlife. Enjoy soaking up the A/C on a sun break or bask in the sun on the weathered wooden deck that looks out over the surf, and let us serve up some of our favorites at our picnic-style tables under the large beach umbrellas. If you're a sucker for a good sunset, stay out on our patio all night long. Just look at the views you'll see!

Children are always welcome, too – at least until 9:00 pm! Our full menu is served up daily, featuring

Couple these favorites with a drink from our full bar for the perfect meal and experience at the Pink Pony Pub. Whether you're looking for a Fresh Gulf shrimp basket that's fried, grilled, blackened, or steamed, the freshest crab cakes on Gulf Shores, or the best Po'Boys east of New Orleans, we've got what you need! Sit by the beach and enjoy shrimp deals and a happy hour menu that starts the party early. Our beachfront restaurant and bar is ready to give you and your family the beachside experience you've been waiting for, just like we've been doing for decades!

We continue to withstand the hard winds of illegally encroaching hurricanes and look forward to many more years of serving up Gulf Shores’ best times!

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